A FREE Webinar by Vidya Muralidharan

Date: Saturday, 6th March 2021
Time: 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM IST


It is not uncommon or abnormal for a woman to be overwhelmed by life situations, and to feel like a victim of circumstances. I can very well relate to this state of being and the emotions that come with it – helplessness, frustration, anxiety, fear and apprehension about the future, a sense of apathy sometimes, or listlessness and so on. Reasons could be any or all of the following:

  • Work very stressful and/or no longer motivating/challenges dealing with boss and/or co-workers; but unable to give up due to various reasons, most important financial commitments and constraints.

  • Enjoy the work that you do, but unable to focus enough- balancing family and profession is proving to be quite an ordeal.

  • Enjoy the work, but unsettled because it is leading to tensions at home – family/extended family not very understanding.

  • Have given up career at some stage to cope with family requirements, but now struggling to discover/rediscover your identity

  • Health has taken a beating, trying to get back on track, both in terms of career and personal life.

  • Job/career impacted by COVID, and laid off, now don’t know which way to go. Feeling diffident and fearful about looking out or pursuing options.

  • Ready to restart your career after a break, and have some ideas, but don’t know how to create a focused plan, where and how to start.

While all of these manifestations or symptoms may be common, what is still quite uncommon is to find an outlet, a sounding board, who can listen and help you deal with the situation, better still enable you to find answers. Answers that lie within you, but need a catalyst, need nourishment to burst forth, pretty much like a seed that germinates and puts out shoots when the soil is right and it also receives the right proportion of water and sunshine. Above all, to be able to create a pathway, a roadmap to what you consider an effective life situation.


Gives you the perspective to first
make a transition to a warrior mindset.

It gives you processes to define and clarify your priorities, your aspirations.

Helps you to take stock of where you are, and create a road map that would take you to where you truly wish to be.

Provides simple tools and techniques that you can use to deal with such situations, not just now, but whenever they occur.


  • An HR professional, now a coach and OD facilitator working with individuals and organizations

  • A spiritual person at the core, on a journey of self-discovery.

  • A cancer survivor and conqueror.

  • A people’s person

  • Above all, a fighter with a warrior mindset.

I have learnt to yield to the universe and let it guide me.

I have explored deeply my perspectives, limiting beliefs, and futile sensitivities; found ways to deal with them, flip them around, overcome them. I have cultivated the ‘warrior mindset’. A mindset that I believe every woman like me is capable of cultivating… And the means to get there are what I would love to share with you – through the ‘Victim to Warrior Mindset’ program.

This course is exclusively for you, if you are experiencing any kind of challenging situation that leaves you feeling like a “Victim” – a victim of life circumstances, of forces beyond your control.